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Vortex 2 Voice Changing Module
Our Vortex 2 voice amp is a programmable sound effects and real-time voice changing module that allows one to change their voice and play out high-quality sound effects in a package that can be body worn.

Our voice amp is capable of producing high-quality voice effects that are lacking in the mass-produced toys seen on the market today. This device produces "movie-quality" effects to be used by voice-over enthusiasts, movie makers, or costuming hobbyists.

This Vortex 2 voice changer also features several innovations not found in any other voice amp in its class:

  • 16-bit CD quality output and DSP technology.
  • Stereo output voice + sound fx on left channel, chorus sound fx on right channel.
  • Push-to-talk mode, enables voice output  and disables external sounds so you can talk at will.
  • Auto VOX mode automatically disables external sound fx while talking.
  • Digital voice output volume control.
  • 6 remote pushbutton cable to control all the boards features with a single fingertip
  • Tunable onboard voice compressor compression ratios of 1:1 up to 15:1.
  • Compatible with all (Radio Shack) type amplified speakers, OnTour Ipod speakers, xtremegadget, etc.
  • Uses any electret mic board even supplies phantom mic power.
  • Small form factor ideal for body-worn applications: 3.4" x 2.2" x 1"
  • External sound fx from CD player, MP3 player, etc can be piped into unit and automatically mixed in with voice output.

The voice board will run off any DC power supply from 6V-18V. A 9V battery is sufficient to use, but may not last long. Use alkaline batteries or lithium batteries for added life. You can also use a 6AA battery pack for extended costuming sessions.

Here is a pic of our Vortex 2 voice effects amp package (included cables not shown):

Click image to enlargee

We have many real-time voice transformations that you can choose from.  All you need to do is pick a voice effect with your package!  Below lists a couple example applications we have done in the past.  Please contact us for more details on the available voice effects.

  • Dark Lord voice deepener
    This voice effect transforms your voice in real time to sound like a dark lord - adding helmeted reverb, echo, shifting your voice down in pitch, and slowing your voice so it replicates the effect heard in the movies. External breathing sound can be mixed in with voice output.
  • Ironman voice
    This voice effect transforms your voice in real time to sound like you are in an ironman robotic suit - adding mechanization and proprietary small-reflection echo. The pitch of the output voice can also be lowered to match the user's expectations. External sounds (like a Jarvis or servo effects) can be mixed in with voice output.
  • Cylo-vocoder voice
    This voice amp transforms your voice in real time to sound like a robotic cylon - doing a full-band vocoder. The pitch of the output voice can be changed. External eye "sweep" sound can be mixed in with voice output.
  • Bounty Hunter voice
  • Protocol droid voice
    This voice effect tranforms your voice in real time like a protocol droid, adding the correct phasing to accurately reproduce the gold/silver droid movie effect! External servo sounds can be mixed in with the voice using a separate mp3 player.

Recommended Accessories

Available from Radio Shack                  Click images to enlarge
Speaker Amps Microphone Cables

Sample Sounds
Here are some example wav files of just a couple of the effects you can create with the voice amp:
Dark Lord Example
Ironman Example
Cylo-vocoder Example
Bounty Hunter Example
Protocol Droid Example

We can also do custom voice effects!  Just contact us for example wav files, costs and availability.

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Vortex 2 Voice Changing Module
Vortex 2 Standard Voice Amp Package - $479.00 + shipping
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