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Hyperdyne Labs Electronics
Please note that all completed props pictured on this site are NOT for sale and are only demonstrations of our electronics expertise. The displayed items are personally owned and we do NOT sell completed props at all.

Please choose from our product line below:

Professional Light/Sound
SciFi Voice Effects Plugin
Motion Tracker Interactive Video & Sound Board
Multi-Digit IR (Airsoft) CounterNEW

Real-time Voice Changers
Deluxe "Pro" Trooper Voice Amp
Vortex 3 Voice Changing Module NEW

Controllable Light & Sound Boards
E-11 Trooper Blaster Light/Sound Upgrade
MG Heavy Blaster Rifle Sound Board NEW
Pulse Rifle Sound Board
Astromech Droid Sounds
Proton Pack Sound
CyloGuardian Sound/Lights
Bounty Hunter Rangefinder LED Unit NEW
MT500 Sound Board
Predator Sound

Servo/Robotic Applications
Zorg 6-channel Servo Panel ControllerNEW
Deluxe Ironman Visor and RGB Light ControllerNEW
Ironman Visor and Light Controller
Bounty Hunter Servo Controller
Ghost Trap Door Controller
PKE Servo/Lights
Predator Cannon Servo Controller

Prop Lighting and Specialty Kits
Probe Droid Studio Scale Model Sound+Light KitNEW
AT-AT LED Chest Display Board KitNEW
Ironman Arc Light BoardNEW
PR Counter Unit
Astromech Droid Lights
Proton Pack Integrated Light & Sound Controller NEW
Proton Pack Lights
Proton Pack Gun Lights
Ghost Trap Light Kit
Model Lighting
Cylo Wearable Light Board
Dark Lord Chest Box Light Kit NEW

Online Docs
SciFi Deluxe Plugin Online Help

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