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E-11 Trooper Blaster Upgrade
This kit is for a Hasbro, Kenner, PVC, or other E-11 prop. Using our state-of-the-art technology and engineering experience, we have created the ultimate modification that creates simulated laser bolt lighting along with loud blaster sounds and recoil effects.

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Kit Features

  • Selectable tri-color blaster bolt effect.
  • 1W amplifier for loud sound playback
  • Blaster sound played on trigger press, stun sound played on extended press.
  • Programmable modes that are accessible via trigger:
    • Red, blue, or purple blast color for each sound
    • Fire select mode: single shot, 3-round, or full auto shot mode
    • Unlimited or limited ammo mode
    • 4 sounds available for blaster/stun sounds
    • Visual aid in selecting each mode
  • Force feedback motor gives realistic effect for each shot
  • Status LEDs for power, fire select mode, ammo out.
  • The blaster works off a standard 9-volt battery.

Completed Hasbro Blaster (custom made to order)

Demo Movies
Blaster kit installed
Fire mode
Ammo mode
Customer video review

Instruction Manual download

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Kit Pricing
E-11 Trooper Blaster Upgrade Kit
E-11 Trooper Blaster Upgrade - $250.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
E-11 Trooper Complete Modified Hasbro Blaster - $449.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock

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