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PR Counter Unit
The counter units are custom made and programmed to give you the most accurate effect!  We can even custom program the counter to act differently for your needs.  Contact us for more info!

Standard Unit
Powering up the unit starts the counter display at "99", which then counts down to "95" quickly and then stops.  The unit counts down when the trigger wires are connected together.  The unit counts down until "00" is reached, where the counter stays even if the trigger wires are still making a connection.  Cycling the power repeats the process.

There is an extra output pin on the unit that interfaces with our special sound board to synchronize rifle blast sounds to your trigger pulls!!!  Never has this been done.  If you want a rifle with synchronized working counter, sound, and even muzzel flashes, then this is it!

Here is a pic of the standard 9V counter unit:

Click image to enlarge

Deluxe Unit
The deluxe unit does everything listed in the standard unit, but adds barrel flashing circuitry with three to four high intensity LEDs that you place in the barrel section of your rifle.  Now when you pull the trigger, the counter counts down and the LEDs in the barrel emulate synchronized muzzel flashes.  The LEDs are super bright (around 7 candlepower), and you should not look directly at them!

The LEDs come in red and yellow and now white!

Deluxe counter unit with red barrel LEDs:
Click image to enlarge

Deluxe counter unit with the new white barrel LEDs:
Click image to enlarge

Demo Movie
Check out a small MPG movie of the white barrel LED  in action.
White Barrel LED

Airsoft Connections
Our counter units can also be connected up to a working airsoft gun to create the ultimate working ammo counter!!!  All you need to do is connect up a relay to our trigger wires and you are done!  The relays can be gotten from us and also installed upon ordering.  Here is a pic of the relay install to your airsoft motor (pic courtesy Neophyl):  Airsoft install pic

Counter Unit Specifications

  • Small size: 1.2" x 2.4"
  • Runs off 9V battery
  • Super bright dual red 7 segment displays
  • Accurate digits/sec countdown rate
  • Seamlessly integrates with special sound board
  • Available in  standard or deluxe models
  • High-intensity 5mm LED red, yellow, or white barrel flashers

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Kit Pricing
PR Counter Unit
Standard Counter Unit - $79.00 + shipping
Deluxe Counter Unit with 1 5mm barrel LED (choice of color) - $89.00 + shipping
Deluxe Counter Unit with 2 5mm barrel LEDs (choice of color) - $99.00 + shipping
Airsoft compatible relay - $5.00 + shipping
Airsoft compatible relay installed - $10.00
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