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MG-34 (DLT-19) Heavy Blaster Sound+Light Upgrade Kit
This kit is for a vacformed MG-34, Kenner, PVC, or other heavy blaster prop. We have created the ultimate modification that creates simulated muzzle flash along with loud blaster sounds and recoil effects.

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Kit Features

  • Sounds are all stored on microSD flash card
  • Program your own blaster sounds using PC and card reader
  • 1W amplifier for loud sound playback
  • Blaster sound played on trigger press
  • Force feedback motor gives realistic recoil effect for each shot
  • Modes includes: Ammo out mode, startup sound, and gun empty sound
  • Muzzle color is selectable when using RGB LED.
  • Includes RGB LED flex strip for running down DLT barrel w/ cooling holes.
  • Small board footprint, 1" x 2" dims
  • Board works off 9-12 volts DC

Demo Movies
(** NOTE: sequencing barrel lights seen in the movies are not included in this kit, only a single flashing muzzle/barrel LED strip **)

Blaster kit installed
Shown in dark

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Kit Pricing

Kit includes the assembled sound/light board, RGB LED flex strip, microSD card. NOTE: The vib motor is not included (contact us for availability).
DLT Heavy Blaster Upgrade Kit
DLT Heavy Blaster Sound+Light Kit - $149.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock

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