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Motion Tracker Interactive Video & Sound Board - LIMITED EDITION
This is the ULTIMATE in prop replica electronics upgrade

Make a real WORKING motion tracker

This kit turns your motion tracker prop into a REAL tracking device, complete with sounds and moving video. Never before has such an intricate kit been offered. We again have raised the bar in electronics that help make your props come to life! This kit is a limited edition and will only be made for a certain time. Once we are out of them, no more will be made.

When powered up, the special LCD screen shows a special bootup screen. When using our optional sound board in conjunction with the LCD board, the default searching "ping" sound plays out (reminiscent of radar type search modes) while sonar "rings" flash over the tracking screen. The sound board pings are synchronized with the sonar rings on the video screen. NOTE: The MT LCD kit includes a standalone tracking loop that can play out without the need for our sound board.

The infrared (IR) motion module is attached to the sound board and detects actual motion (from animals, humans, warm-blooded creatures).

The IR motion module can detect motion up to 10-15 feet. Once the module detects motion for more than ¼ sec., the tracker will begin to “whine”, denoting it has “spotted” a target. The LCD is also synchronized with these sounds and shows a target "blob". As motion is subsequently detected, the tracker will increase its pitch over time to emulate the target getting closer. The target blobs on the LCD also get closer on the tracking screen, and the corresponding range digits decrease the target's range. Once motion is no longer detected, the tracker goes back to search mode (just plays out the pinging sound).

If you don’t want the IR module active, you can also manually trigger the target sounds by using a standard pushbutton.

Pictures of the LCD board in action
Here are several screencaps of the motion tracker LCD board kit using a custom graphic (everything fits inside a Hama viewer):

Click image to enlarge

NOTE: You can program in any JPEG, GIF, BMP file into the LCD board if you want a customized graphic for the tracker background (using the appropriate programmer).

Demo Movie
Here is a video of the total package customized with tracker screen. (Quicktime)
MT kit movie

Motion Tracker LCD & Sound Board Specifications

  • Small size: 2.5" x 2"
  • Runs off 9V battery
  • Targets detected using IR module or simple pushbutton interface (with sound board)
  • LCD board play prerecorded track loop w/o sound board or synchronizes sounds and video with optional sound board

Kit Pricing
Motion Tracker LCD & Sound Board
MT LCD board w/ driver kit (includes LCD board and proprietary MT driver board / no sound) - $369.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
MT compatible sound board w/ IR interface (sound board interfaces with MT driver board to synchronize video and sounds) - $129.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
MT total package (includes all of the above) - $498.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock

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