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Multi-Digit IR (Airsoft) Counter Unit
The counter units are custom made and programmed to fulfill many different needs. You can use them as a countdown ammo counter for a PR airsoft, or you can use them for vintage AMPEX tape units as a counter guide. The counters use a IR interrupter to count objects as they pass by (no direct contact). Or you can set up a reflective IR surface to count revolutions on a platter, drive motor, etc. You can also set the counter to count via trigger wires if you want to use a mechanical switch.

We can even custom program the counter to act differently for your needs.  Contact us for more info!

Countdown Only (Ammo) Unit
Powering up the unit starts the counter display at "99".  The start count is also programmable by the user. The unit counts down when the trigger wires are connected together or the IR interrupter detects an object has passed through its channel.  The unit counts down until "00" is reached, where the counter stays even if the trigger wires are still making a connection.  Cycling the power repeats the process.

Deluxe Unit
The deluxe unit is basically an up/down counter that is controlled by the IR interrupter or refelctive IR setup. You can set the counter in up or down mode for counting. Each time the IR unit fires the counter increment/decrements by one - based on the mode switch. You can even manually set the count using the buttons. This unit was made for vintage AMPEX reel-to-reel tape drives, but can also be used in a myriad of applications where non-contact counting is required.

The counter board comes with a 4-digit display that is connected via a ribbon cable for maximum placement flexibility.

Here is a pic of the counter unit:

Click image to enlarge

Demo Movie
Check out a movie of the countdown counter with IR interrupter in action.
Ammo counter

Airsoft Connections
Our counter units can also be connected up to a working airsoft gun to create the ultimate working ammo counter!!!  All you need to do is connect up the IR interrupter to a small hole in your barrel to count the BBs as they pass by. You can also use the main battery to power the counter (some wiring needed) 

Counter Unit Specifications

  • Small size: 1.2" x 2.4"
  • Display on separate board for easy placement
  • Runs off 9-12 V DC battery
  • Super bright dual red 7 segment displays
  • Available in  countdown for airsoft ammo or deluxe tape-drive counter model

Kit Pricing
Multi Digit Counter Unit
Countdown (ammo) Counter Unit - $119.00 + shipping
Deluxe Counter Up/Down Unit w/ Red display - $129.00 + shipping

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