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RC Dual Servo Slower w/ Reverse
This kit allows you to slow a servo channel for authentic landing gear deployment, flaps, etc. The kit has 2 outputs, so you can control 2 servos independently.

The outputs can be programmed with 15 different speeds, with total servo slew time ranging from 16 seconds to 0.5 sec. The 2nd servo channel can be reversed from the 1st. Plus the 2nd channel can be made to move at 1/2 the rate of the first. This is very useful for scale WWII landing gear setups.

Kit Includes
Assembled servo slower board with servo cable.

Demo Movies

Freewing Su-34 EDF gear setup

E-flite F-15 EDF gear setup

SFM executive jet EDF gear setup

Kit Pricing

RC Dual Servo Slower Kit
RC Servo Slower Kit - $29.00 + shipping
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