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RC SD Sound Module Kit with Machine Gun LEDs
This kit allows you to add sounds to your planes! Our special microprocessor controller board gives you fingertip access to 5-6 sounds stored on a small SD sound board. You can add engine startup/idle sounds, machine gun firing, bomb drop sounds, air raid siren, etc. All the sounds are triggered using an aux channel on your radio and Rx. The machine gun LEDs are automatically fired when the machine gun sounds are played out.

This kit requires some assembly and programming of the sounds onto a microSD card. There is free PC software for you to use to program wav files into the necessary format needed.

The sounds are selected by using a spare Rx servo channel and keying in the sound number you wish to play. For example, mapping the channel to a toggle switch on your radio. The interface is simple: 1 press = stop current sound, 2 press = engine sound, 3 press = sound 3, etc. Holding switch in on position = plays several machine gun sounds (looping).

The kit is split into the RC sound controller board and the RC sound module. The 4D SOMO RC sound module plugs into our controller board. They are 2 separate boards. If you want to get the RC sound controller and sound module assembled together please see the below purchasing options. You can also buy extra RC sound modules or controller boards if you plan on sharing boards between planes.

This kit is made to fit into smaller electric airplanes such as the PZ T-28 Trojan, PZ P-51, Corsair, etc. It will run off a 7.4v - 11v battery.

You will need an external amplifier and speaker(s) for the board to be loud enough. This will all depend on the size of the aircraft and the weight you are able to add

The sound module only has a 250mW speaker output which will not be loud enough by itself to be heard in the air. Use an external amp.

Kit Includes
Assembled sound controller board and wire harnesses.

Kit level: Intermediate/Advanced

SOMO sound module board that uses microSD card.
Micro SD card

Demo Movies

Radial Engine Sounds in T-28 Trojan
Machine Gun Sounds in T-28 Trojan
Flight Demo with sounds

Instruction doc (PDF file)

Software for Programming Sounds
PC sound programming software for SOMO sound module

Amplifier/Speaker Recommendations

It is up to the end user to wire in an external amplifier and speakers. Here are some combinations and kits we have had success with

Ramsey electronics 20W class D amp

PUI audio rectangular speakers - AS07104PO-WR-R , AS07008PO-2-R , AS07108PO-4-WR-R

Kit Pricing
RC Sound Controller Board w/ Sound Module (does not include amplifier or speakers!)
RC Sound Board w/ Sound Module - $99.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
Optional and Ala Carte Items
Extra RC Sound Controller Board only (you buy sound module separately) - $59.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
Extra RC Sound Module - $39.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
1G microSD card - $15.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock

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