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Police / Racer LED Light Kit
Our RC LED light solutions uses the latest technology

This kit allows you to turn your RC car into a police cruiser with roof bar lights, headlights, brake lights, and grill lights. There is also a "racer" mode that only turns on the headlights and brakelights - allowing you and your friends to play realistic "hot pursuit" RC style.

The lights are activated using a novel sequence with the existing steering channel, which allows the user to install the kit in any stock RC car/truck setup (that may only have 2 channels).

Kit Details
Kit comes with: Light controller board with (1) male servo connector and 20-pin gold header, 20-pin 36" ribbon cable to hook up LEDs, headlight LEDs, brake LEDs, top bar red/blue LEDs, grill red/blue LEDs. NOTE: This kit requires soldering of the LEDs to the end of the ribbon cable.

Kit Specifications
Voltage: 4.8-6V (uses receiver battery via servo conn)
Current: 300-500 mA with LEDs active. <5 mA with no LEDs
LEDs: 7000 mcd white 5mm headlights, 3000 mcd super-wide angle blue LEDs, 2500 mcd super-wide angle red brake lights. (NOTE: 1000 mcd=1 candlepower)
Powers up to 10 LEDs!
Programmable steering threshold for activation of the lights.
Receiver servo signal is opto-isolated from LED board for maximum protection.
Circuit board is 2" x 1.5"

Kit Assembly

You will need to complete the assembly of the LED lights, which requires splicing wires and soldering the LEDs to the ribbon cable. Mounting of the board and LEDs inside your lexan body shell can be done with velcro and hot glue. The skill level for the kit is beginner/moderate.

Kit Pricing
RC Police Light Kit
Model RCP:
Police light kit w/ processor board, cable, LEDs (soldering required) - $79.00 + shipping

Each kit is hand assembled in the USA.

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Movie of the kit in Action
RC police lights (Traxxas)
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