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Relay Switch Kit
Our RC relay switch solutions are created from the latest technology.

You can use our relay switch unit on an extra RC transmitter channel, or even on an existing channel using our Passthrough Model.

The relay unit acts as an electronic switch that enables you to turn on secondary circuits, motors, or other electrical device using a spare RC channel. 

Our Passthrough Model will even allow you to use an existing RC channel (i.e. throttle, steering, etc) to turn on a separate electrical device.  This special unit is placed inline with the servo and features a programmable threshold that allows you to turn the desired device on and off at any point in the servo slewing range.

Kit Details
Kit comes with:  RC relay board with (1) female servo connector

Kit Specifications
Voltage: 4.8-6V (uses common receiver battery)
 <5 mA
Onboard relay can handle 1A of current.
Programmable activation threshold for turning relay on/off.
Receiver servo signal is opto-isolated from relay board for maximum protection.
No extra crystal or oscillator is used - minimizes RF interference.

Kit Pricing
RC Relay Board (assembled)
Model RCR1:
RC Relay - $39.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
RC Passthrough Relay Board (assembled)

Coming Soon!

Servo cables are available with Futaba J or Hitec/JR connectors.  Please note which version you want with your order.  Hitec/JR connectors are automatically shipped if not specified.

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